Nahata Sports Complex

Sinhgad Rd

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Nahata Sports Complex on Sinhagad Road stands as the flagship center of Nahata Sports, offering a versatile range of sports and recreational activities for individuals of all ages. Located near Veer Baji Pasalkar Chowk, close to the Wadgaon Highway Bridge, and nestled next to Vidya Sahakari Bank in Wadgaon Bk, Pune, this center is conveniently situated for residents in and around the area with the address being Pune - 411041.

Spanning a comprehensive array of sports and activities, the Sinhagad Road center is a hub for both sports enthusiasts and those seeking diverse fitness and skill-building opportunities. The facility covers an extensive spectrum of sports, including basketball, badminton, skating, cricket, and karate. These sports cater to varying interests and skill levels, creating an inclusive environment for participants to develop and excel in their chosen activities.

For the younger members of the community, Nahata Sports Complex provides specialized programs such as Kids Fitness for children below 5 years old. This initiative aims to instill healthy lifestyle habits from an early age, fostering physical activity in a playful and engaging manner.

Beyond sports, the center embraces cultural and artistic pursuits with offerings like Zumba, Bollywood Dance, Kathak, and drawing classes. This eclectic mix of activities ensures a holistic approach to well-rounded development, allowing individuals to explore and nurture their talents beyond the realm of sports.

The Sinhagad Road center goes even further by incorporating educational services, including a pre-school and day care facility. This reflects Nahata Sports' commitment to providing a comprehensive platform that caters to the diverse needs of families, combining sports, education, and care under one roof.

To facilitate easy communication and inquiries, the center can be reached at the contact number 7098777797. This dedicated line serves as a convenient means for individuals to connect with the management, inquire about programs, or seek information regarding the various activities offered at Nahata Sports Complex on Sinhagad Road.

In essence, Nahata Sports Complex on Sinhagad Road stands as a multifaceted destination, promoting not only physical fitness and sports but also cultural enrichment, education, and holistic well-being for the entire community.


Nahata Sports Complex, Next to Vidya Sahakari Bank, Near Wadgaon Highway Bridge, Next to Vidya Sahakari Bank, Wadgaon Bk. , Pune 411041